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Eckardt Group Standardizes on Autodesk Build to Ensure Data Integrity

Eckardt Group, one of the top electrical contractors in Georgia, takes a customer-centric approach to projects. With the risk associated with inconsistent data capture, Eckardt Group wanted to move from terminal servers to the cloud for real-time access to data regardless of location. By adopting Autodesk Build within Autodesk Construction Cloud™, Eckardt Group can consistently document, track, and share data to drive successful project outcomes.

Inconsistent Processes Led to Data Mismanagement

Eckardt Group works on high-profile projects in the Atlanta metropolitan area. And with complex projects comes the need for quick response times around Issues and RFIs to keep projects on budget and schedule.

A lack of standardization and the inability to share data in real-time led to data mismanagement across projects. With each team documenting and saving project information differently, it was challenging to track productivity in the field and created inconsistencies in reporting.

Struggling to drive consistency across projects, Eckardt Group needed a cloud-based solution that would standardize data capture so regardless of who came on or off a project, information was uniform.

“With each project having a different process and information stored on a server, we risked losing access to our project data in the field. We are dependent on project management tools, and if we can’t access them, there’s a risk of miscommunication which leads to rework, cost overruns, and schedule delays.”

–Ken Mabe, Director of Field Operations

Driving Consistent Data Capture with Cloud-based Construction Management

To standardize operating procedures for how teams document, track, and share data, Eckardt Group adopted Autodesk Build. With Autodesk Build, Eckardt Group can capture project information in one location, eliminating data silos and enabling teams to work with confidence, regardless of location.

“What Autodesk Build brings to the table is the ease of access and consistency of where things are stored and how we generate specific documents, such as RFIs and submittals. We have about 460 field employees and for them to access documents in real-time directly on their iPhone or their iPad is priceless,” says Mabe.

With a holistic view of project data in Autodesk Build, Eckardt Group has more visibility and can hold its teams accountable and better align with project stakeholders.

Creating More Visibility Into Data to Drive Project Success

With the ability to link RFIs or issues to a sheet, monitor costs, and track progress throughout the project in Autodesk Build, Eckardt Group can easily access and reference project information to share with the owner or contractor.

“With Autodesk Build, we can create and track our punch list and share that information with the contractor. This allows us to resolve issues in real-time without waiting until the end of the project and enables collaboration with contractors that we didn’t have before,” says Mabe. “As we own the installation, we can easily capture any deficiency and present the information in a meeting to be resolved. The vote of confidence that Autodesk Build brings is priceless.”

With progress tracking in Autodesk Build, Eckardt has a pulse on the status of a project at any given time to understand how they’re trending towards scope and schedule. With real-time insight into the health of a project, Eckardt knows if something is going wrong earlier and works with a higher level of confidence. Progress tracking also brings more accountability to the team as they can easily reference what’s planned to be installed, the quantity installed, and whether it has been QA’d.

Mabe shares an example from a recent project they’re working on. The owner wanted to know very specifically what wire had been pulled through the building. There are hundreds of thousands of wires in a hospital that’s nine stories tall to track. However, with Autodesk Build, Eckardt Group can quickly pull up the model and show where all the conduit that this wire is being pulled through is located.

Autodesk Build has helped Eckardt Group communicate with the owner and establish a deeper level of trust in the project. And with ownership of their data, Eckardt can successfully apply key learnings to deliver quality projects for their clients in the future.

“It’s pretty difficult to nail it down to any one thing. There are so many values that Autodesk Build brings to the table. The benefit that we’re experiencing from it says enough for me.”

– Ken Mabe, Director of Field Operations
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