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  |  Episode 12

Creating an Impactful Safety Culture with Technology w/ Stan Singh and Lee Evans

Safety is always top of mind for construction leaders across the globe and this mentality has grown even further due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, what newly implemented changes to safety on the jobsite are here to stay?

Joining Eric to discuss construction safety week and how to create an impactful safety culture at your company are Lee Evans, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer of myComply, and Stan Singh, Director of Product Management at Raken. They also discuss:

  • How has the pandemic impacted safety and construction environments?
  • What will the ‘new normal’ in construction safety look like in the future?
  • When is the best time to implement safety measures and a culture of safety?
  • Creating a robust safety culture at your company that explores new technology
  • Choosing a tech stack with a clear focus on safety

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Stan Singh

Director of Product Management


Lee Evans

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer



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