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How to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion in Construction w/ Allison Scott and Cliff Cole

The construction industry relies on architecture, engineering, and construction leaders to lift up workers with diverse backgrounds.

It’s our responsibility - and a critical topic that we need to address today, in order to ensure the long-term success and innovation of this thriving industry.

In this episode of Digital Builder you will hear from Cliff Cole, VDC Director at The PENTA Building Group and Allison Scott, Director of Construction Thought Leadership & Customer Marketing at Autodesk.

Some of the key topics discussed focus on:

  • Roadblocks the industry is facing when it comes to diversity and inclusion
  • How to create a safe environment to discuss diversity in the workplace
  • How you can access the session from Cliff Cole and what else is in store for the first Autodesk University Virtual event - emerging technologies and trends to help you achieve your new possible
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Cliff Cole

VDC Director

The PENTA Building Group

Allison Scott

Director of Construction Thought Leadership & Customer Marketing



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