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  |  Episode 8

How to Create a Culture of Innovation in the Construction Industry w/ Jennifer Suerth & Cara Wilczynski

When you think about innovation on the job site, technology is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But innovation — especially in the construction industry — is so much more than new technology. It’s about collaboration and supporting diversity with events like Women in Construction Week.

In this episode, Eric speaks with Jennifer Suerth (VP of Technical Services at Pepper Construction) and Cara Wilczynski (Construction Customer Outcome Exec at Autodesk) about:

  • How to execute innovation in construction as an industry leader
  • The significance of Women in Construction Week
  • Tips for fostering a culture of innovation at your organization
  • Ways to promote diversity at your company
  • Advice for newcomers in the construction industry
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Jen Suerth

VP of Technical Services

Pepper Construction

Cara Wilczynski

Construction Customer Outcomes Executive



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