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Construction Data and Analytics Report

State of Data Capabilities in Construction

Building out your data capabilities can pay off—literally. Find out how much in this new research report developed by Deloitte Access Economics and commissioned by Autodesk.

What our research shows…

Deloitte Construction Data Report Stat 1

increase in the average profit growth rate for data leaders compared to data beginners

Deloitte Construction Data Report Stat 2

hours spent per week looking for and analyzing data among construction leaders

Deloitte Construction Data Report Stat 3

of data collected and analyzed isn’t used to make business decisions

Profits as the prize: improving construction data capabilities

In a global survey of 1,275 construction leaders, Deloitte Access found that 80% of construction companies are not data leaders—yet. They have room to improve their data usage, data strategy, and data talent if they want to reap the rewards.

Improving data capabilities can pay off. Construction data leaders can expect a 2.7 percentage point increase in expected average profit each year, and a 50% increase in average annual profit growth rate.

What could your company do with higher profits? Download the report to learn what makes a construction data leader.

Learn how to become a construction data leader

Any construction company can become a data leader—and rake in the higher profits that can come with it. But there are several capabilities that separate leaders from the pack, including:*

  • Robust data usage and analysis, include including a multitude of data sources being collected and analyzed on a regular basis to inform decisions

  • A comprehensive, holistic, and future-focused data strategy

  • Data talent that is cultivated and directed across the organization through training relevant to their roles

Read the report and learn the 5 steps you can take to become a construction data leader.

*See page 15 of the report for a more detailed tabular breakdown that compares the skillsets of beginner, emerging, and leader companies

Are you putting your construction data to work? Learn how to take your data capabilities to the next level.