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Strong Foundations: Perfecting Project Kickoff

A guide to mastering the submittal process after receiving your Notice to Proceed.

Receiving a Notice to Proceed kickstarts many project processes into motion in a very short time frame. One of the most critical of these for project success is your project’s submittal process. However, this process is often neglected in schools and classes, leaving newer industry professionals without the information and experience they need to take charge of submittals. This free eBook will demonstrate the importance of submittals downstream, guide project members through setting up their initial submittal log, and prepare them for updating and tracking with that log throughout the project lifecycle.

This free guide features:

  • A submittals 101, including why they exist and how they’re used.
  • Instructions for creating a submittal log, submittal schedule, and the submittal review process.
  • Best practices, tools, and recommendations for staying on track with your submittals.