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The Life of a Model: Design, Coordination, and the Field

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If you had to guess, how much of a construction project is "make or break" about communication?

We’ve found that around 52% of all rework is caused by poor communication. That’s a shocking statistic! But it also indicates a lot of upside potential.

It can be tough to find new talent these days. Finding someone who can read and interpret various forms of communication can be even more difficult. That’s why we believe the model is a necessary method of communication—and as we make it easier for everyone to digest models in each phase of construction—communication across teams becomes easier.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the life of a model, from design to coordination and installation. We’ll show how:

  • A model gets refined virtually before hitting the site

  • Teams in the field can use models to effectively communicate concerns and progress to project stakeholders

  • A model moves from stage to stage and from product to product including Revit, Navisworks, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud App

Speakers :

Zak Derras-Chouk

VDC Subject Matter Expert, Autodesk

Zak is a customer-oriented, adaptive, and technically minded VDC Subject Matter Expert with a background in the Construction Industry. He has worked as an MEP  designer, ranging from K-12 schools to universities, and has also spent time as a BIM Coordinator for an MEP Subcontractor.

Kyle Seyler

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Kyle began his marketing career working for a commercial developer and learned CAD to promote land sales. Kyle joined Autodesk to focus on advanced manufacturing in education, helping students and educators adopt new technologies and collaborative methods. Today he leads a team of product marketers across the design and construction lifecycle.

Greg Low

VDC Subject Matter Expert, Autodesk

Greg comes from a VDC and construction management background. With 20 years of working experience and more than 14 years in construction with projects including hospitals, sub-fab, cleanroom, high rise towers, office space, hospitality, education, entertainment, sports, and religious buildings. During the past 14 years, Greg worked as a Project Engineer, BIM Manager, and then a VDC Director for Okland Construction, a top 100 ENR firm.


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