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A Subcontractor's Guide to Bidding Technology

Discover how subcontractors can bid smarter, faster, and more competitively with the right digital tools at their disposal.

Digital technology has become core to how construction teams operate, with 62% of construction professionals agreeing that technology leads to more successful outcomes, and 63% agreeing that adopting new technology will give their company a competitive edge. Still, when it comes to technology adoption, subcontractors often hesitate to get on board. After all, many subcontractors are understaffed and pressed for time. With limited budget, cost may be a concern.

While these hesitations are understandable, digital tools can make a subcontractor’s job much easier. Having an organized and efficient preconstruction process is what helps teams bid smarter. The right bidding technology will pay for itself in work won and efficiencies gained, making it well-worth the investment. In this guide, we break down the many benefits of going digital for construction bidding, plus three categories to focus on to successfully adopt a digital bidding solution.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right technology to improve the bidding process
  • The best strategies to get leadership buy-in and tackle opposition to new tools
  • Why bidding online helps subcontractors stay competitive and win more work

Plus, get exclusive insights from our survey to over 1,000 preconstruction professionals!