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Find and choose the right builders for the right project.

Accurately manage the tendering process and find qualified subcontractors on the most up-to-date network of construction professionals.

Find the right subcontractor for every project.

Access our crowdsourced network of construction professionals to find contractors that meet your specific needs. With up-to-date contact information and qualification criteria at your fingertips, you can focus on easily finding the right partners in new trades or markets.

Access BuildingConnected's crowdsourced network to find the right subcontractor for every project.

Get tenders out the door in under 10 minutes.

Create tender packages and send tender invitations in minutes. Details of the project, design files and customised tender forms are included in BuildingConnected Pro to ensure that tenders are received in a standardised format.

Create tender packages and send tender invites in minutes.

Accurately compare tenders side-by-side.

Choose the best subcontractor for your project and reduce risk earlier with robust tender comparison capabilities, intuitive collaboration tools and integrated risk analysis.

Compare tenders side by side to choose the best subcontractor for your project.

Award the best subcontractors your project with BuildingConnected Pro.

Learn more about BuildingConnected’s tender management capabilities.

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Qualify Subcontractors

Choose the most qualified subcontractors for the job with integrated risk analysis with TradeTapp.

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Customised Tender Forms

Create customised tender forms to go out with your ITB and add scope-specific line items for the subcontractor to fill in.

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Compare Tenders

Compare tenders side by side in a like-for-like fashion and choose the best subcontractor for every project.

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Tender Analytics

Get unparalleled insights across your company with our detailed performance metrics and historical cost tracking.

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"It used to take me four hours to put together a tender invite and send it out. With BuildingConnected, the whole thing takes about 15 minutes from start to finish."

- Mirna Zappin, Dept. Manager of Preconstruction, BCCI Builder

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