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Speciality Contractors

Reduce risk, ensure quality and win more work.

Keep your team on the same page with current drawings and transparent issue tracking.

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, Speciality Contractors work more productively, every day.

The world’s leading speciality contractors rely on Autodesk Construction Cloud to increase collaboration, mitigate risk and reduce rework as they deliver complex work, faster.

Win More Work

Streamline the preconstruction process, issue more tenders and increase tender accuracy.

Mitigate Risk

Avoid rework and mistakes by always working from the latest plans and documents.

Increase Profitability

Get insights into project success drivers to maximise returns on every job.

Capture Your Work

Leverage BIM models in the field for work in place tracking and schedule sequencing.

Connected Crews

Connect the field and office through faster and more sustained technology adoption.

Ensure Quality

Build it right the first time. Avoid clashes in the field with automated clash detection.

Quotation mark

"With Autodesk Construction Cloud, project teams have information at their fingertips to operate complex projects more efficiently."

- Matthew Bien-Izowski, Managing Director, BN Electrical

Delivering real results


Increase in win rate

Bowman Flooring


Hours saved per person per week

Raymond Group


Cost savings on materials



Ahead of schedule

BN Electrical

Mechanical Contractors

From design to construction, Mechanical firms rely on 3D models and BIM data to design, layout and install complex systems.

McKinstry leverages Assemble in the field to monitor project progress and to track installation of 47 tons of ductwork and 5.5 miles of piping

Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors rely on field collaboration office to increase communication and instantly connect the field with the office.

W. Bradley Electric uses PlanGrid for clear communication between the office, field and administrators.

Finishing Trades

From plasterboards to flooring, finishing trades relay on construction technology to instantly distribute drawings, to track tasks and capture completed work.

MAREK uses Autodesk Construction Cloud to digitise their construction workflows and enable their crews to build things right the first time.

From excavation to finishes, Autodesk Construction Cloud is trusted by the top Speciality Contractors around the world

Cupertino Electric
MG Engineering Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Contractor
Rosendin Electric Contractor
BSA Allstaff a Fredon Company

Key capabilities for Speciality Contractors

construction tender management icon
Bid Management

Keep track of tender invites, stay ahead of deadlines and measure the success of won business.

construction model coordination icon

Facilitate easy coordination of BIM models between teams in the office and the field.

construction quantification icon

Easily visualise quantities in 3D to understand scope, quantify changes and design intent.

construction field collaboration icon
Field Collaboration

Unify the entire project team on the current plan set, with access to all project information.

Learn why over 75% of the top 50 ENR Speciality Contractors choose Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Cannistraro Optimises Prefabrication Workflows

Leveraging Autodesk Construction Cloud during prefabrication, Cannistraro shaved 2 weeks off of the schedule.

Prism Electric Streamlines Its BIM Workflow

Prism Electric uses Autodesk Construction Cloud to connect BIM teams in the office to crews in the field.

Innovative Mechanical Erased Preconstruction Inefficiencies

Innovative Mechanical turned to Tenders Pro to eliminate missed deadlines, double-booked site visits and miscommunication.

Drive Better Business Outcomes

Learn how Speciality Contractors can leverage software for better business outcomes.

10 Tips to Win More Tenders

How Speciality Contractors can focus on winning the jobs that are right for them and most profitable for their business.

Don't Leave Data Behind

Learn the real reasons why Speciality Contractors need to own their record set and project data.

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