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Construction Correspondence Software

Improve collaboration, retain project data and organize project information with centralized project correspondence.

Centralize construction project correspondence.

Capture all project correspondence and reduce data loss with a centralized source for all project correspondence.  
With flexible control, you can create, import, and organize internal and external communications directly from the platform.


Connect construction workflows.

Save time, increase transparency and provide context with essential references between workflows.  
Seamlessly link Construction Correspondences to relevant project information, including Files, Issues, RFIs and much more.


Organize project information.

Stop searching your inbox and quickly identify the information you’re looking for with organized correspondence.  
Group, sort, filter and search correspondences to easily identify the relevant information, faster.


Control correspondence visibility.

Easily set permissions on correspondence to ensure the right level of visibility.  
Customize who sees what by simply marking the correspondence as private and add in relevant stakeholders.

Key features of Construction Correspondence Software
Connected workflows

Create a shared understanding of your construction project through a centralized source of truth. Instantly share, connect and collaborate on project information with the entire team.

Document sharing and management

Access your files from the field and office. Easily organize, distribute, and share files across different locations from a centralized, connected data environment.

Mobile accessibility

Stay connected with your projects no matter where they are. With data syncing to the app, you can access project data and complete tasks even when offline.

Real-time updates and collaboration tools

Make better decisions and deliver construction projects on time and under budget with collaborative project & field management software.

Unlock the potential of construction correspondence software.

Construction Correspondence Software Frequently Asked Questions
What is Construction Correspondence Management?

Construction correspondence management is a tool used to help streamline communication between industry stakeholders throughout the construction process. It enables project teams to quickly and efficiently manage all their communications, so they can reduce risk, improve collaboration and save time.

Is the Correspondence tool available to all customers?

Yes, our correspondence tool is available to all customers with Autodesk Build and BIM Collaborate licenses. Through this tool, you can quickly and easily receive centralize all project communication in Autodesk Construction Cloud. Our Correspondence tool also provides users with a detailed history of all project communications ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

What are the benefits of correspondence management system?

A correspondence management system can be an invaluable asset to any construction project, large or small. It centralizes and organizes all project communication which reduces data loss and ensures all stakeholders have a comprehensive history of project communications.

Can the Correspondence tool connect to existing project management tools?

Yes, Correspondence Tool is designed to seamlessly connect with existing project management tools in Autodesk Construction Cloud. This allows for streamlined communication within your construction team. You can link correspondences to tools like Files, Issues, RFIs, Submittals, Schedules and much more. Plus, you’ll be able to access all of your information in one place, giving you a comprehensive history of your construction communications.

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