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Construction app built for the construction site.

Complete tasks from anywhere on the construction site with seamless access to Autodesk Build data, even when you’re offline.

Comprehensive site and project management software empowering all builders.

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Project Management

Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, error and rework.

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Quality Management

Track all issues in one place and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule.

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Safety Management

Develop easy-to-adopt, repeatable safety programmes and get all team members to take ownership of site safety.

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File Management

Manage docs in a centralised, common data environment and ensure that teams are working from the latest models.

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PlanGrid Build makes your life easier on the jobsite.

Access Data Online and Offline

Sync your project data at your convenience and enjoy full access to all information offline.

Complete Tasks Smoothly

Everybody on the team will love the intuitive user interface, which helps to complete tasks with ease.

Manage RFIs Effortlessly

Create an RFI in the blink of an eye and get notified as soon as your question is answered.

View Sheets and 3D Models

Lightning-fast sheet viewing helps you to find the information you need in seconds.

Fill in Checklists Onsite

Complete all safety, quality and daily reports right where and when the work happens.

Add Tags to Your Photos

Capture and share more detailed information by adding customised tags to your photos.

Access Data Online and Offline

Sync your project data at your convenience and enjoy full access to all information offline.

Additional Features
All Issues in One List

Create and view all design, quality and safety issues from one mobile app.

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Central Photo Gallery

Store all project photos, videos and 360 images in one place. 

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Simplified Submittals

Access approved submittals immediately from your app so you can build with full confidence.

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Mobile Snag Lists

Easy-to-use snag list and digital closeout tools ensure that your work is complete and compliant.

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Unlock the potential of unified construction management app.

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"Having one platform where you know you can get all your information and that's the only app you really have to open for the day, that's going to make a superintendent's life and any foreman's life so much easier."

- Kaitlin Frank, Superintendent at Dome Construction

PlanGrid Build is the free mobile app that comes with Autodesk Build, our new, all-in-one field, project and cost management tool for builders.


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