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Manage projects from start to finish to increase profits and reduce risk.

Get full transparency into the construction of your projects by streamlining data and communications with your builders at every step.

Plan, build, manage and operate capital projects with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Break down silos and leverage data to improve decision making and deliver more value throughout the construction lifecycle.

Unified project management

Meet contractual obligations by streamlining the management of capital projects.


Break down data silos

Improve visibility into project status throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Auditable progress

Increase accountability with clear visibility into responsibilities and project progress at every stage.

Deepen partnerships

Build stronger relationships with your team using tools that help you to take a more hands-on role in your projects.

Reduce rework

Reduce confusion that leads to RFIs and rework with real-time visibility into your project at every stage.

Easy and complete handover

Capture the information you need to begin operations on day one.

Quotation mark

"We’ve been very diligent in collecting all of the information, specs and drawings, so that we can hand it off to the facilities team without having to continuously offer context on why something was done the way it was."

- Baron Bryant, Programme Manager, Shopify

Commercial building owners earn higher returns on capital projects.

With full visibility into projects throughout the construction lifecycle, owners can track progress at any stage, improving schedule certainty and reducing RFIs.

Despite working in multiple cities simultaneously, Shopify hasn’t missed an opening date for any floors or offices by standardising construction practices with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Institutional owners effectively operate their buildings from day one.

By collecting asset data throughout the design and construction phases of construction, owners can hand over a robust 3D model of their building to their facilities and operation team.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital simplified management for its facilities team by pushing all data from every construction team into a single data environment.

Government agencies improve project delivery and reduce costs.

With field execution software, government agencies can instantly communicate with their contractors across all of their projects and keep track of everything in one place.

LAX is undergoing a $14 billion construction project, one of the most extensive public works projects in California history. Using Autodesk Construction Cloud, the team is able to access information about the project from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

Key Capabilities for Owners.

Operations & Maintenance

Access and track your project data to keep your facility running.

Document Management

Ensure all project teams access the information and documents they need on any device.

Cost Management

Simplify the process with a single platform for RFIs, submittals and change orders.

Design Collaboration

Work from the same project data to reduce miscommunication, delays and rework.

Learn why owners of construction projects trust Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Better Construction Collaboration Starts with Connected Data

Connected data can help team members on-site and in the office make better, more effective decisions based on the latest information available.

Alpha King Improves Communication & Collaboration

Alpha King takes drawings into the field on an iPad, make mark-ups and then synchronise files to provide feedback to the design and construction teams.

Shopify Manages Rapid International Growth

Shopify standardised across all of its projects and with all of its external teams so the Real Estate can work in multiple cities, on multiple sites with varying schedules and complexities.

LAX Construction serves More Than 88 Million Passengers

To make the project a success, design and construction teams turned to digital technology to collaborate on over 180 design models across 33 offices in 22 cities.

How Owners Can Unlock Project Success in Preconstruction

Centralised project management platforms consolidate data in a single reference point that continuously updates as plans evolve and change.

Seamless Handover for Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Throughout the entire project, the team captured asset data at every stage and publish it into a common data environment for the facilities management team.

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