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Comprehensive construction submittal logs in minutes.

Reduce risk and streamline construction projects with automatic submittal logs generation.

Automate manual workflows.

Eliminate manual, error prone workflows in construction with comprehensive and accurate draft submittal logs in minutes.  
AutoSpecs’ powerful AI identifies action submittals, project data, closeout, QA/QC submittals and much more.


Identify changes faster.

Track differences across multiple design iterations instantly. AutoSpecs’ versioning tool easily keeps track of changes between versions and identifies modified submittal requirements.  
With automated submittal log software, you can easily Compare specs versions side-by-side to identify design changes throughout the project lifecycle.


Identify missing submittals.

Leverage AI and identify missing submittal items before they’re costly errors.  
AutoSpecs’ suggested submittals, powered by Construction IQ, analyzes the current project specification against historical project data to suggest potentially missing submittals from the project specifications.


Publish to your Project Management Software

Streamline your submittal workflow. Once AutoSpecs generations your submittal log, publish it directly to your Project Management Software, like Autodesk Build.  
And with AutoSpecs in Autodesk Construction Cloud, critical submittal information can be saved to Autodesk Docs. This ensuring Autodesk Construction Cloud is your single source of truth.


Unlock the potential of unified construction project management software.

Frequently Asked Questions About AutoSpecs Construction Submittal Log.
What is a submittal log in construction?

A submittal log helps to track the progress of project documents and materials that must be submitted to and approved by the project owner or architect. This includes shop drawings, material samples, product data sheets, and other related materials.

What is an automatic submittal log generator?

An automatic submittal log is the automated process of generating the submittal log directly from your project specifications. Our solution, AutoSpecs, intelligently reads specifications to extract submittal information automatically, helping users to generate comprehensive submittal logs, and identify potentially missing submittal requirements.

What are some benefits to submittal log generators?

Automatic Submittal log generators reduce time spent on the manual, labor-intensive task of submittal log creation. Helps to reduce the risk of missed submittal items and allows teams to start the construction project faster with a submittal log in minutes. Additionally, with powerful features like version compare, which highlights changes between version of project specifications, or suggest submittals, which leverages AI to surface potentially missing submittal items, AutoSpecs helps to protect the project schedule and budget ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

How does AutoSpecs leverage machine learning?

AutoSpecs powerful AI algorithms read your specs to pull out action submittals, product data, closeout submittals, tests & inspections, and more so you can have a full understanding of your project from day one. Additionally, Suggested Submittals in AutoSpecs, leverages machine learning to recommend potentially missing submittal items. Our proprietary algorithm has been trained on thousands of projects, identifying requirements not captured in other software, such as mockups, QA/QC requirements, tests & inspections, closeout requirements, and more.

What is the use of integrating submittal logs into your project management solution?

By integrating submittal logs into your project management solution, you can streamline construction document management, reduce potential delays due to incorrect or missing documents, and ensure that construction teams always have access to the most current information.