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Accelerate your project closeout

Automate and streamline document collection, management, and compilation with Pype Closeout.

Avoid project panic and simplify closeout.

Pype Closeout provides a single portal for closeout document collection, management, and compilation into a digital turnover package.  
Automate trade partner outreach - subcontractors receive timely and specific notifications to submit documents. And, with powerful reporting that is updated in real time, Pype Closeout works to ensure contract compliance, helping you get paid faster.


Automate document collection.

Gone are the days of manually chasing subs for submittal documentation.  
Pype Closeout has an average sub participation rate of over 94%. Subcontractors can easily upload required docs directly into the Closeout platform for the GC to review and approve. Non-compliant subs automatically receive email reminders and notifications to submit.


Stay organized and get paid faster.

No more missed items: track submitted documentation.  
As changes are made, review the activity log to see where your project stands and who you’re waiting on. View a single project’s status or your entire portfolio; data is distilled and easily accessible so you can see what’s finished, what requires attention, and plan for a seamless project wrap-up.


Make a lasting impression.

Compile all of your final documentation into a polished PDF turnover file.  
With powerful integrations to all the most trusted cloud-based storage providers, you can take your hyperlinked, indexed, and company-branded turnover PDF anywhere. Your final touch-point with your owners will be an easy to navigate digital file that can take just a few minutes to put together.


Unlock the potential of unified construction project management software.