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WakeCap Integration

WakeCap is an IoT-based, industrial solution that enables real-time workforce reporting by integrating sensors into existing hard hats and connecting jobsites via wireless mesh network technology. Construction and Oil & Gas customers benefit with a clear understanding of how labor is working on site
Integration forPartner Card
WakeCap Installation to Insights
The Integration

WakeCap offers an Autodesk Construction Cloud partner card with its full dashboard for adding and managing workers, tracking progress, reporting on key performance indicators, and a full set of safety features for workers.

WakeCap reduces project schedule risk by automatically measuring actual worker hours to compare against plan, better using your workforce and managing vendors. WakeCap improves worker safety by helping with evacuations and detecting falls.


  • Smart jobsite - real time location for workforce productivity.
  • Smart jobsite - worker safety. Fall detection. Evacuation support and live location.
  • Respect worker privacy off the site.


Technology built byWakeCap


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Having a platform like WakeCap in our project has provided us with valuable information on workforce geo-location trends allowing our teams to undertake improvements on the project’s logistics, particularly with respect to optimization of site access, location of welfare facilities and vertical transportation.

- Luis Miguel Monteiro, Project Director

I can easily see trends that affect job site performance and safety. Manpower management is now much better on site. I have more than four subcontractors at my site. With WakeCap I am now better able to supervise them knowing how much manpower each subcontractor deploys on site, and at the same time, better understand workers’ utilization.

- Shajaruddin Shaik, Project Manager