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Software Administration

Simplify administration on a platform that scales with you.

Combine simplified user experience with the configuration capabilities needed to support project workflows, without sacrificing enterprise control on a centralised admin platform.

Simplify the user experience.

Help teams work faster by standardising the user experience for every worker at every stage. With a consistent and simple UI, team members don’t have to worry about where to find information or which product to use.

Administration settings in Construction management software enable flexible templates, users, features and documents.

Experience mobile-native solutions.

Extend previously desktop-only workflows by exporting and syncing data to mobile devices for offline use. All mobile workflows are powered by the same platform for seamless transitions and a unified experience.

iPad with mobile-native construction management features such as mark-ups.

Standardise data collection.

Unified administration makes setting up projects simple. Manage user access, perform batch administration tasks, quickly get projects up and running with templates and roll out changes to multiple projects from one place. It’s enterprise-grade administration without the headache.

Construction Management feature showing a construction data collection process.

Eliminate headache with single sign-on.

Access all Autodesk Construction Cloud products from a single point of entry. No need to remember multiple logins or to log in to multiple applications for different tasks. Document management, quantification, coordination, project management, QA/QC and handovers: all just a click away.

Administration of construction management software allows for single sign-on for users.

Share information across accounts.

Easily share data across accounts, like a General Contractor to a Subcontractor, in order to improve cross-team collaboration, reduce rework and improve control/ownership of project information.

Construction Management feature showing a construction data collection process.

Get enterprise-grade administration of users and projects, all in one place.

Get projects up and running quickly, manage permissions and painlessly make changes as needed.

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User Management

Simply add each user once and then easily control their access to product features, project data and workflows.

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Construction Software Permissions Icon

Set permissions – by user, role or company – for access to project information and product features.

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Construction Project Template Icon
Project Templates

Apply standards to new projects to reduce set-up times and ensure consistent data capture.

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Discover the benefits of enterprise-class administration.

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