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What is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management software simplifies construction processes to improve project delivery. It can help you track and improve cost, quality, schedule and safety initiatives, and easily manage projects from design to turnover. Good software will centralize collaboration and streamline day-to-day tasks, which leads to higher productivity, lower risk, and increased profits.


How is construction project management software used?

Projects across institutional, industrial, infrastructure and commercial industries benefit from using construction project management software.


Connect commercial construction project stakeholders from every stage so everyone is always on the same page to avoid costly delays, rework, and waste. Autodesk Construction Cloud connects teams, data, and workflows to streamline projects.

Project Management for Commerical

Industrial facilities need connected data and teams to operate efficiently throughout the project lifecycle. Autodesk Construction Cloud helps teams complete projects faster by helping industrial facilities keep data current and actionable.

Project Management for Industrial

Get next-generation technology, a robust network of professionals and firms, and powerful predictive analytics for innovators paving the way in infrastructure construction with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Project Management for Infrastructure

Connect teams, workflows, and data to build and maintain asset-intensive buildings and campuses. Operate successfully immediately upon handover armed with data from design and construction.

Project Management for Institutional

Watch demo of Construction Project Management software.

See demo of how construction project management software tracks and improves cost, quality, schedule and safety initiatives, managed together from design to turnover. It centralizes collaboration, data and insights to drive productivity and reduce risk for construction projects of all types and sizes.

Who uses construction project management software?

General contractors, specialty contractors, and owners across the project lifecycle rely on construction project management software to improve collaboration and project efficiency.


Break down silos and leverage data to improve decision making and deliver more value throughout the construction lifecycle.

Project Management for Owners
Specialty Contractor

Win more work, reduce risk, and ensure quality while you deliver complex projects with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Project Management for Specialty Contractors
General Contractors

Drive more profitable outcomes and easily manage complex project portfolios from bidding to turnover with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Project Management for General Contractors

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Get a free collection of helpful resources: RFI& submittal templates, ebooks, and project management workflow guides. Plus, learn how to streamline meetings and optimize cost management workflows.

How does project management software in construction help you?

Construction Project Management software simplifies field execution and project management on a single software platform that is easy to deploy, adopt, and use.

Construction Project Management icon for Autodesk Build.
Project Management

Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, error, and rework.

Project Management
Construction Document Management Icon for Autodesk Build.
Document Management

Manage docs in a centralized, common data environment and ensure that teams are working from the latest models.

Doc Management
Construction Safety Management Icon for Autodesk Build.
Safety Management

Develop easy-to-adopt, repeatable safety programs and get all team members to take ownership of site safety.

Safety Management
Construction Cost Control Management Icon for Autodesk Build.
Cost Control

Connect project management and field execution data to cost activities to understand root causes and scope cost impacts.

Cost Management

See how customers use construction project management software to improve project outcomes.

Customers trust Autodesk Construction Cloud to increase project efficiency and collaboration.

CRB Reduces Waste and Improves Timelines with Lean Construction Principles

Global design, construction, and consulting services firm CRB is looking to take lean technology and bake it into their Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) workflows to minimize redundancies and eliminate rework.

Pond and Company Rapidly Scales Industrial Projects with Construction Technology

Pond and Companyhas built a reputation as the go-to firm for designing, engineering, and building industrial facilities, including biotech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and sterilization facilities.

Assemblin Adopts Autodesk Construction Cloud for Greater Transparency

Assemblin is accelerating the adoption of technology and BIM to automate and visualize processes, improving coordination and communication and delivering sustainable installations.

Features of construction project management software.

Key features of construction project management software make project work easier.


Create RFIs and manage the review process, and connect RFIs to issues, change orders or meeting minutes.


Create and track submittal items and manage all information in a single submittal log.

See Submittals
Meeting Minutes

Track commitments made, link essential, and keep an organized history of all meeting records.

See Meeting Minutes

Ensure the entire team maintains quality and safety standards from any device, anywhere.

See Forms

Ensure teams have access to the right information, anytime, with auto-sync to mobile devices.

See Files

Connect your accounting system to streamline invoice reviews and approvals.

See Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions about construction project management software.

What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software tracks and improves cost, quality, schedule and safety initiatives, managed together from design to turnover. It centralizes collaboration, data and insights to drive productivity and reduce risk for construction projects of all types and sizes.

Who uses construction project management software?

Owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other construction professionals use construction project management software across industries such as Industrial, Infrastructure, Institutional, and Commercial to improve cost and reduce risk.

Why use construction project management software?

Construction project management software helps construction teams collaborate, share data and information, and streamline workflows to increase project efficiency and reduce cost and risk.

What to look for in construction management software?

If you’re searching for construction management software that ticks all the boxes, you’ll love this helpful guide of what to look for.

  • Connected: Everything in One Place
  • Collaborative: Made for Teams
  • Intuitive: Built for People
  • Scalable: Grows with You

Read more about what to look for in construction project management software on our blog.

What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Since our earliest days, Autodesk has driven innovation in the built world. First by leading the architecture and engineering professions from paper design to CAD. Next by evolving the industry from 2D design to data-rich 3D models. And now, we enter the third phase: connected construction.

The status quo of building puts critical data in silos, prevents collaboration and leads to delays, risk and costly rework. Given these challenges, no one has delivered on the true promise of unified construction from design through turnover and operations.

The industry needs better solutions. Ways to seamlessly connect data all the way from the earliest phases of design, through planning and construction, and long into the operations phase. Builders also need better information in order to connect with the right partners, building relationships that will deliver high-quality work with minimal drama.

And we, at Autodesk, need to deliver tools to achieve this: solutions that reduce risk, help deliver projects faster and drive a more sustainable, safe, and efficient industry.

With Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Takeoff we’ve brought together the most powerful portfolio of construction management software products in the industry. We now support workflows spanning all phases of construction, from design, to planning, to building, to operations in a way no other company can. But it is not just about the breadth of our workflows. It’s about depth as well. Each product is best of breed in its category, and does more than simply checkboxes. This depth results from our relentless focus on the customer. We partner closely with teams in the office and jobsite to identify and improve how technology can improve the way we build. And finally, in addition to breadth and depth, we’ve focused on connectivity. In the past year we have made tremendous strides in connecting our products, and more importantly, your data. Construction data now seamlessly flows across the lifecycle and is available to the teams in the right place at the right time. You can start in your authoring tools, collaborate across the team during the design stage, push plans and models to preconstruction for coordination, quantity take-off and procurement, and once you’re ready, directly push that data to your project management and field teams.

The breadth of our portfolio, the depth of our capabilities and the connections that bring together meaningful workflows ushers in a new era of connected construction. The era of Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Why choose Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Autodesk Construction Cloud has all-new, powerfully simple tools to collaborate on construction projects securely from a single login. Autodesk Build, Takeoff, BIM Collaborate and Docs connect teams, workflows and data from design through operations.

Autodesk Construction cloud enables teams to:

· Improve construction collaboration

Project Management is essential to construction project success, but traditional construction project management solutions have struggled to serve the needs of the field and office together.

Autodesk Build software unites flexible construction project management with PlanGrid Build, the most-loved field solution. Together, teams are set up to work from accurate information together. And when questions arise, they are escalated, investigated, and resolved without missing a beat.

· Connect the construction lifecycle:

How many steps are involved in getting new design data into the hands of preconstruction and construction teams? Time for each step can slow collaboration and leave old plans in the field.

With Autodesk Docs software as the Common Data Environment, you can publish directly to Autodesk Build. Autodesk Docs provides rich, configurable approval workflows making it easy to ensure that construction plans and data are accurate from design to turnover.

· Work in 2D or 3D:

Translating design intent for use by the whole construction project team requires the ability to transition seamlessly between 2D and 3D views without data loss. It doesn’t need to be either/or.

Autodesk Takeoff software supports 2D and 3D quantification workflows, and makes it easy to switch between the two.

·Own your data:

Construction data is at the heart of digital transformation. From creation to distribution to analysis, the more connected the data, the more change it can drive.

Autodesk Construction Cloud construction management software delivers actionable and predictive insights natively for construction projects. And when you need additional controls, Data Connector makes it easy to bridge project data and your managed data warehouse.