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Intelligent submittals from precon through closeout.

Reduce project risk and strengthen client relationships by automating processes that are critical for owner satisfaction and contract compliance.

Extract critical project requirements.

AutoSpecs analyzes your spec documents to create an ultra-accurate submittal register in minutes. Understand your project requirements in finer detail when you have all of your action submittals, products, closeout submittals, QA/QC requirements, and more at your fingertips.

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Accelerate your closeout process.

Pype Closeout provides a single portal for closeout documentation management, with digital document collection from subcontractors and powerful reporting dashboards. With subcontractor outreach automated, the Closeout platform ensures contract compliance and helps you get paid faster.

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AI, your most efficient team member.

Our patented software takes a manual, time consuming process and allows you to create detailed, accurate draft submittal logs in minutes. Powerful AI algorithms read your specs to pull out action submittals, product data, closeout submittals, tests and inspections, and apply the experience from millions of projects to search your specs for missing requirements.

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Automate processes that ensure owner satisfaction and contract compliance.

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Streamline the submittal process and keep projects on track.

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Construction project turnover for document management.

Simplify the closeout process and finish strong.

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"Pype has allowed us to turn over the closeout package faster than our competition, and much faster than we’ve ever done in the past."

- Chris Jewell Project Manager, HITT

Start faster, finish stronger.


reduction in time spent creating submittal logs



plus hours saved during project closeout

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savings in time spent creating closeout packages


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